Our top standard AC charger type is available that can be efficiently used by all Type II charger vehicles that has an output range of 7.4KW, 10kW, 22kW and can be available with available affordable electric points. They have Triple Phase connectivity which is supported with an output range of 7.4kW, 10kW and 22kW. Their capacity of charging are powerful and long-lasting. They are very much secured and inbuilt systems for use.


We have designed in a smart device to provide our clients with the rapid charging that is of high standards matching all the requirements of the industry. Our charger supports CCS and CHAdeMO, GB/T integration facilitating payments, and billing process. Along with the emergency, the pull button is available. The installation is very simple and operatable. The booster charging is completed up to 80 percent within 90 minutes.


All-in-one (AC, 3 phase AC, high-speed DC). A connector and inlet combination with control function managing communication within the infrastructure and vehicle. The fastest charging, the facility for global vehicle complaining, main road and public installation is applicable, fleet and B2B operators use it. Our charger is 3-gun charger that is the most effective and adaptable solution.

Connect With Oneplug

Forget the range anxiety. Use oneplug app on your mobile to locate the nearest available charging point, book it before you reach there and enjoy hassle free self service charging any time of the day. Oneplug connects with your electric vehicle to suggest you sufficient charging time for your immediate needs. ONEPLUG always ensures nearest charging location with shortest charging time.

Efficient Charging Wherever You Go.

Oneplug knows everything about your e-vehicle and gives you top up charging whenever and wherever you need it.

  • Inbuilt Metering
  • Safe Electric Plug
  • Does Not Require Internet

Power source : 3KW, single phase

Plug socket: 230V, 16 Amps AC

Grounding: 3V between neutral (N) and earth (E)

Safety: Auto reset on fault/no load, residual current protection, short circuit/ surge fault

protection, over/under voltage protection

  • Public Infrastructure
  • Oneplug can be installed at an available parking space anywhere, does not require a new real estate to be converted as petrol pump. Property owner provides the parking and electricity, self service model does not require additional man power for operations.

  • App Based Search And Book
  • Oneplug app shows the nearest available stations for your vehicle. You can book the time duration directly on app. Reach it, Plug it, Charge it.

  • Hassle Free Charging And Payments
  • API integration for 4-wheelers calculates the power needs automatically. For other EV, inbuilt metering automatically cuts off power supply after the estimated power is supplied.

Oneplug's Smart Journey Exp

With an experience of just years we have proved our efficiency in the industry and grown-up our success level to lead the industry. We could manage to stand the most prominent and reliable among our competitors in the charging industry. Our innovation on electric EV charging cars concentrates on the following services favoring our clients.

  • Marketing
  • We do not want to sell our product but we would like to serve our clients with hassle-free EV charging stations.

  • Finance
  • We are here to provide financial guidance and support through proper guidance. Our brand is supported by many partners and investors.

  • Investment Guidance
  • The one-time investment will serve life-long.

  • Business Development
  • Our business development is finding many new options to favor our clients in easy set-up, better payment options, fast charging methods.

  • Technical Support
  • Our technical team has created:

    • Simple
    • Safe
    • App-based search and book
    • Hassle-free service